dr-jekyll and mr hyde poster
There are a lot of women who does not show up in the novella appear in the stage.  Lucy, who is the prostitute in the stage, is catching my attention. The reason why i would like to analysis her presence is that she is attractive in the stage.I am biased to her because I personally think that she is very pretty. (Lol)
Anyways, the most important part to be discussed in this post should be  her function in the stage.

You know what Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is the main actor in the story. Therefore, all actors in the story are supposed to let readers feel and see the difference of   Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Dr Jekyell, the good side of the character, takes good care of Lucy. He protects her even though he knows the job nature of Lucy’s.

Mr Hyde, the bad side of the character, forces Lucy to do something she does not want to do and kills her finally.

By seeing how Lucy is treated differently  by the same person, readers clearly see that the huge difference between the good side and the bad side of the main actor.

Therefore, i think that the function of Lucy is to obviously distinguish the dual personality of Dr Jekyell and Mr Hyde.


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