Homosexuality is a taboo which people start discussing in the society of today. However in eastern countries, especially China, only a few of the homosexual dare to admit it. Since most of the parents are traditional, the homosexual are usually afraid of telling their folks that they are gay or lesbian. What I would like to discuss in this post is what reaction or feeling parents have when they knew their children’s sexual orientation.

Obviously, Jack father was not happy to know that his son was gay. We can know that form that sentence The old man (jack’s father)sat silent, his hands folded on the plastic tablecloth, staring at Ennis with an angry, knowing expression.”

However, it seems that Jack’s mother can put up with his son’s love affair. This could be seen through the part when  Jack’s mother ignored her husband and said, “He used a come home every year, even after he was married and down in Texas, and help his daddy on the ranch for a week fix the gates and mow and all. I kept his room like it was when he was a boy and I think he appreciated that. You are welcome to go up in his room if you want.“

For the time Ennis met Jack parents, we can see that how differently Ennis was treated by them. We can observe that Jack’s mother was willing to talk more with Ennis but Jack’s father wasn’t.  It seems that a man is sometimes more traditional than a woman in terms of love affair.

As for me, i am perfectly fine making friends with the homosexual. And I do. However, I am thinking what if in the future my son told me his sexual orientation, what my feel and my reaction will be .

To sum up, I guess the story is trying to tell people that women are sometimes more open-minded than men. In addition, in general, women are more willing to care their children’s feeling and respect their children’s  choice.


9 thoughts on “WEEK 4 RESPONSE

  1. Not only Jack’s father,Ennis’s father also could not accept homosexual or even discriminate them.I think it is reasonable that parents could not accept that their sons are homosexual because they could not have grandson with blood relationship.HOWEVER,it is not make sense to discriminate the homosexual!It is not a wrong thing to be homosexual as it does not affect anyone.Thus,no one would have right to discriminate the homosexual.

  2. I think in both of their parents’ reaction we could see how typical are them. Mothers are always more expressive to children. They talk more and usually are more sensitive to one’e feeling. Fathers have high hopes of their children and are more reserve comparing to their other half. This setting could be easier for readers to imagine the situation Jack and Ennis are in.

  3. Originally, I wanted to do the topic on homosexuality. But I could only think about the anger and opposition of their family and folks. Women and men always have their different opinions and views on the same thing. For example, women get married because they love their husbands. But men may not get married because of love. In my view, women seem to be more emotional. They want what they need in their hearts. For men especially in that period, they think more about the social norms and the status of the whole family. Thus, it would be a difference between Jack’s father and mother.

  4. I find it interesting to focus on parents’ reaction since it gives me a bigger picture of the story when the main characters draw my greatest attention. However, the conclusion of the openness towards love may be too general since the story is about the relation between two men, who do not admit but do feel their love. The two men are at least open to their love at last.

  5. I am impressed by the fact that you have pointed out the reaction of Jack’s parents when they know their son loves a guy. As it is something that most people may ignore. (A large majority of people just focus on the romance between Jack and Ennis.) I agree that it may be really harsh for parents to accept their son is a gay, but I think if they can sit down and communicate, everything will be fine.

  6. You raised a very interesting point about our future reaction to the ‘what ifs’ of our children’s sexual orientation. What would we do if our kids told us that they were attracted to some one of the same sex? I really do not know what I will do in the future to be really honest. I can be all ‘diplomatic’ and say that I am fine with whatever they choose to do with their lives now, but my behaviors (and mind-frame) in the future might change. I liked the fact that you brought up this topic because it really makes you question the uncertainties of the future. Jack’s father probably loved his son, but accepting him as a homosexual was probably difficult for him.

  7. Christian does not allow anything about homosexual to happen. They believe that it is in some sense violating the nature of human beings of how we are being created by God. Ironically, there are gay or les people who are a Christian from early birth, and God never make mistakes! So what do you think about the conflicts between a religious belief to what we call a universal freedom on love in modern ear?

  8. Nowadays, homosexuality is becoming more and more common globally. Till now, there are no strict laws or rules to restrict them from doing anything they want so they can just become homosexual. However, it is not commonly accepted by people around. Usually people just say bad words on them or look at them at a evil eye. That’s not so good.

  9. Wow very interesting perspective! I suppose it’s because mothers are, in general, the primary ‘care provider’ (of affections) throughout the son’s personal growth whilst fathers take up the role to cultivate- often through very harsh demands- the sense of masculinity. And when such sense is questioned in what they consider an ‘unorthodox’ situation, they show varying capacities for empathy.

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