One of the themes that the story wants to carry out is love relationship between people,
the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Das and that between Mr. Kapasi and Mrs. Das. 

The erotic sculptures in different love making position reflect the poor relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Das.
Although they had been together for a long time, Mrs. Das never show Mr.Das her naked body when they have sexual intercourse.
It seems that there are some obstacles, clothes explicitly, between them. Mrs. Das’s heart does not belong to Mr. Das.

As for the wheel in the temple, it symbolizes the life cycle of Mrs.Das. “The wheels are supposed to symbolize the wheel of life,” Mr Das said in the story. Mrs. Das first got married with Mrs.Das but then did not love him.
Afterwards, Mrs.Das first shows interest on Mr. Kapasi but she finally leave him. 

We can  Mrs.Das. like a lot of people. experience the love relationship repeatedly.



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