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In the past, i just thought that Shakespeare only produced sad ending stories since he is best known of tragedies. Although  i can name “Hamlet” or “Romeo and Juliet” , I had never read his  novel. It is quite interesting to find that he had produced comedies.

The first scenario that attracts my eyes is the match between Orlando and a Japanese wrestler. This setting makes me feel how strong and determined the young man is.  And it makes me understand that he will be one of the main actors in the story.

Besides, the fans used by Rosalind and Celia show the dilemma of women in the past. The female should be passive. However, Rosalind did not want to let it be so she went talking with Orlando while there was a fan between them to hinder Celia’s enthusiasm.

One thing i have no clue is that why the play is set in Japan. I guess it
is for the promotional purpose, expanding Japanese market LOL.



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