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Homosexuality is clearly condemned in the Bible. In the past, homosexuality was a taboo. . No one dared to admit it even they did. Homosexual activity was seen as a “moral disorder.   The Catholic Church believed that marriage could only happen between a man and a woman. The introduction of same sex marriage was not allowed by the Catholicism.

However, in the recent year, Francis, the current pope of the Catholic Church, told people that  homosexual person should be treated with respect and love. Although he does not approve the same-sex marriage, he says Catholic Church should not dismiss gay marriage.

As we see that, the conflict of homosexuality between past and now is obvious. homosexuality in the past was nearly banned, but it nowadays is more generally accepted by the public. Some countries, UK,US,etc, have legalized the the -sex marriage, to enable the gays or lesbian couple to enjoy the legal statue.


4 thoughts on “WEEK10 RESPONSE

  1. I agree with your view that the homosexuality and same-sex marriage movement is beginning to gain traction and acceptance. Hopefully, one day we can look back and see equality, much like the African American Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

  2. I think acceptation of homosexuality is quite difficult. Some controversial topics relate to physiology, psychology, culture, ethics and freedom may not be easy to reach a consensus.
    For now, I think the first step taken by the pope is to reduce the discrimination towards homosexual person. This is the basic respect, however, the acceptation of homosexuality is uncertain.

  3. I agree with you that the mindset from the past is more conservative to it is nowadays. There are people who believe in the human nature of how marriages should only be between a male and female. Though as the society develops, people become more open minded and soon accepts new cultures. This could be seen through the laws set in different states in US.

  4. You did a good job. There is quite significant conflict of homosexuality in the past and now. Currently, homosexuality is generally accepted than before as people believe that they have their own rights. Human rights are the most concerned issues.

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